About US

A place to call home for artistic creations, Nadianartgallery houses many original artworks created by artist Nadia Al-Khun and husband Ahmed Obeidat and Others. The gallery aims to highlight the work of artists globally. Nadianartgallery will provide the community with a place to gather and celebrate the creativity of all kinds.

The gallery will periodically host art openings covering various themes and highlighting works created by numerous talented individuals and groups. We aim to bring together a community of established, emerging, and amateur visual artists to facilitate a continued dialogue of creativity and strengthen community bonds.

A unique part of our mission is to highlight the creativity of artists battling chronic illness, including various neurologic and non-neurologic diseases. Nadianartgallery will be a place for inspiration, reflection, celebrating accomplishments, and highlighting work that focuses on the intersection between humanities, medicine, and the arts.

Another unique aspect of our mission is to give back to the community. For each exhibition we host, a percentage of the net sales will be donated to a good cause, ranging from supporting local nonprofit organizations to various communities. The receiving entity will be announced with each exhibit.

About the owners

Nadianartgallery is a family-owned gallery created by Ahmed and Nadia, a husband and wife who immigrated to the United States from the Kingdom of Jordan in 2009. Ahmed is a neurologist, a neuroimmunologist, an author twitter, and a photographer Instagram. Nadia is a genetic engineer, biotechnologist, and professional artist About the artist. The gallery will provide a lovely space to give back to the community and socialize while enjoying beautiful artwork.